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Marching Band   

The Grand Blanc High School Marching Band is a class for dedicated and hardworking students.  The class meets daily, after seventh hour.  In addition, for approx 10wks, there are scheduled evening practices, and Saturday rehearsal.   The season runs for approximately ten weeks.

  The band is scheduled to perform at the Homecoming Parade, all Home Varsity Football Games, and Pep Rallies,  The Marching Band is a member of the Michigan Competitive Band Association.  Band Members travel and participate in several Saturday competitions.  In 2007, the marching band Place 6th in the state for the classification.


**  As always, if you are going to be absent or late for a rehearsal, you need to fill out a Absent Request form three days prior to the absent.  These forms are located in the 'file' section of the band website.

Daily Rhearsal Schedule

M/W/F   3:30 - 5:30
Tue/Th  6:00 - 8:30

Band Camp Activities

Evening Rehearsal Fun                                              ______________________

Monday            Crazy Hat Rehearsal
Tuesday           Favorite College
Wednesday     Haloween Costume
Thursday         Backwards
Friday              Section Look-Alike

Evening Activities                                                      ______________________

Monday            Game Night
Tuesday           Bon Fire
Wednesday      Movie
Thursday         Dance
Friday              Talent Show/ Lip Sync

2009 Section Leaders / Drum Majors
Sarah Crane

Raman Botta

Matt Sutter

Big Reeds
Jade Mathews

 Joanna Abud

Chelsea Wise

Johnathon Starkel

Low Brass
Kosta Kapellas

Nico Rivaria


Color Guard
Lauren Semrau

Drum Major
Cody Harrold
Valarie Hansen

GBHS Marching Book

Parade Rest Position



  • Heals together and toes together
  • Weight should be balanced on three points of each foot creating a triangle on both(Heal, Ball, and Fourth Metatarsal) See diagram below.
  • Knees should be straight (bent an inch so circulation still happens)
  • Hips are centered on top of that.  Back hip points and belly button make up the triangle.  There should be an imaginary line from the center of that triangle through knees.
  • Center of gravity should be placed up and over the hips.  Female’s center of gravity is their hips and males are in their chest.



  • Have marcher bring their shoulders up to their ears and take in a medium breath.  Have them roll their shoulders down and back (this should be a relaxed position for them).  Blow air out leaving the chest where it is so the chest is out slightly. 
  • Neck should be in alignment with the spine (no chicken neck or scrunched neck) and tall.  Separate from the shoulders. 
  • Chin should be up.  Make a “looser sign” with the fingers and place the thumb where the collar bone’s meet.  Place the index finger on chin. 
  • Eyes fixated on an unmovable point in horizon (no looking around!).
  • 10% of weight should now be transferred to the ball and fourth metatarsal equally on the feet.  This will give them more of a lean.



  • Right hand should be a fist with the thumb on the 2nd knuckle.
  • Left Hand goes on top with fingers CLOSED on back of palm.  Pincky finger of the left hand should be on top of the right hand’s first knuckle.  The 2nd knuckle wraps around the edge of the hand.  THUMB DOES NOT WRAP AROUND THE WRIST!!!!
  • Make sure arms are making the shape of an olive leave, wide and not scrunched in.

Attention Position


This position is basically the same as parade rest position.  There are only a few parts that actually move from this position.

  • Arms move from the front of the body to the sides
  • Elbows are slightly bent and pulled back (not bowed out).
  • Hands are both fists with the thumbs on the second knuckle.  Place middle finger on the seam of your pants.
  • The last thing you need to do is to take 10% of your body weight and place it on the balls of your feet to give you a slight lean.



Attention Position Check List



Heals and toes together, weight centered in center of triangles




Straight, but bent an inch to allow circulation




Centered over knees (Triangle)




Pulled up and out of hips




Slightly out




Down and relaxed!!








Slightly bent and pulled back




Fists (fingers closed) and middle finger on seam of pants




Fixated on an immovable point




Horns up Position


  • Right hand remains in a fist with the thumb still on the second knuckle.  Put the fist in front of your face like you are going to play (blow air through the swirl) mouth level.
  • The left hand goes on top.  First cap the swirl with your thumb.  Next lay the second knuckle on top of the right hands first knuckle.
  • The fingers should be closed and tight with no spaces between them.


Arm Position

  • A triangle should be formed with the elbows as points and the hands as another.
  • In this position, your forearms should be perpendicular with the body if I were looking at the marcher from the side.  Another way of thinking about it is making sure the forearms are perpendicular with the upper arms.  See picture below.


Marking Time

Vocals should be: Place-and-one!

The command for this is: Mark-Time-Mark and it takes a total of three beats for each syllable.  On the fourth beat you vocalize PLACE.

  • When you vocalize place, nothing should happen.  Nothing moves!
  • On the and of four, you will vocalize And.  Here you will bent the left knee slightly leaving the toe of the foot on the ground and the heel coming up an inch off of the ground.
  • On the downbeat you will vocalize One and on this beat the heel will come back down.
  • When the and of one and beat two happens, the right knee will bend and heel will return in the same fashion as the left did.
  • Make sure your weight is being transferred from your toes to your heels and vice versa. 


Things to watch…

  1. All the weight being placed on the toes.
  2. Slamming heels into the ground (should be like padding under the heels Carpet-Padding-touching the hard floor).
  3. Heels too high off of the ground.
  4. Bobbing back and forth.
  5. Weebling and wobbling side to side.


Halt on a Mark Time

Vocals should be: ONE-TWO!

The command for this is Band-Ready-Halt and it takes three beats to say.  On the fourth beat the vocal ONE will happen and TWO will follow.

  • On one, the leg (typically the right) with the heel that just hit the ground is in its place and you will not move it again. 
  • On two the other heel (typically the left) will lock in place.
  • This command can happen at anytime and as a marcher you shouldn’t rely on having the same legs close the same way every time.  Practice both ways.


Forward Marching

Vocals should be PLACE-AND-ONE!

The command for this is Band-Forward-March and it takes again, three beats.  On the fourth beat you will say the vocal: PLACE!

  • During this nothing will happen.  Both Heels will be on the ground (just like the mark time procedure).
  • On the and of four, you will vocalize: AND where the left knee will bend leaving the heal an inch off of the ground.
  • On the downbeat you will vocalize ONE.  Here you will tighten your backside muscles to initiate your first step like a sharp kick. 
  • -LWAYS leave your weight on the right foot!!!  Do not transfer it to the left!
  • The left heel will be the only thing touching the ground with the toe high in the air.  Make sure that the feet are parallel with each other, no duck feet or pigeon toed angles.

Roll Stepping (Heel – Ball – Toe)

  • This is basically how your weight is transferring so you can go forward.
  • After your first step and the heal is out and the weight is still on the back right foot, you will transfer the weight onto the left.
  • To do this you will use your right foot to push you weight forward.  Put all the weight on the heel then the ball of the foot leaving the toes up.  Lastly put the weight onto the toe. 




Halt on a Forward March

Vocals should be: ONE -TWO

  • The feet will roll into position.  Place the left (one) or right then end with the other foot being parallel to the other (two).


Backwards Marching

Vocals are: Place – and – one

  • Place nothing happens on the place.
  • On the and your body will releve onto the toes.  Your weight will be balanced on the big toe, ball and fourth metatarsal on each foot.  Think two tiny triangles on each foot. 
  • Pretend that a giant is pulling you up by the hair towards the sky and the only thing that is touching are your three triangles.
  • On one, you must Put the left foot back into place.  Keep the weight balanced on both feet.  When you forward marched, you kept your weight on the back leg, this is different, you are putting the weight equally on both feet.  This will help you balance.
  • On the ands your knees will bend (slightly). 
  • On the downbeat your toes will hit the ground.
  • They should be picked up slightly with the bent knee



Halt on a backwards March

Vocals are One – Two

  • On one Place the foot that last went back.
  • On the and feet should be together or side by side.
  • On the two You go down on your heals.
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